Diversifood Workshop on Community Seed Banks (21.9.2017, Rome, Casacli)

Workshop organisers: ARCHE NOAH (Austria) & Rete Semi Rurali (Italy)


The DIVERSIFOOD project context - by Veronique Chable (download pdf)

Results of the survey on CSBs in the EU - by Beate Koller, ARCHE NOAH (this presentation has been updated - you can find the detailed survey results in the main report)

Practical CSB examples from different European regions (in 2 parallel sessions)

ARDEAR - by Christian Dalmasso (download pdf)

Sauvegarde, valorisation et diffusion du patrimoine fruitier - by Brigitte Boitel, RENOVA (download pdf)

Il fagiolo magico - by Alice Pasin (download pdf)

Az. agricola Villa Rocca / Consorzio Quarantina - by Fabrizio Bottari (download pdf)

Coltivare condividendo - by Tiziano Fantinel (download pdf)

Heritage Seed Library - by Catrina Fenton (Garden Organic) (download pdf)

National Seed – networks in Central and Eastern Europe - by Béla Bartha (download pdf)

Aegilops - Rallou Tsigou (download pdf)

The Danish Seed Savers - by Gert Poulsen

Red de Semillas de Euskadi - by Joseba Ibargurengoitia Gascó (download pdf)

Red de Semillas de Gran Canaria - by Esther González Bravo (download pdf)

Red Andaluza Semillas - by María Carrascosa (download pdf)

Recuperación de trigos antiguos del Grupo de Acción Compartida de Andalucía

Subbética ecológica - by Jose Luis Granados Granados (download pdf)

La simiente - by Aurora Sánchez (download pdf)

Almajaraca - by David Martos Pozo (download pdf)

Experiences from outside Europe

Experiences froman international NGO supporting CSB - by Marie-Eve Levert (USC-Canada)

Towards a global CSB network - by Ronny Vernooy (Bioversity)

6 working groups on SWOT Analysis - a summary was presented at FAO on September 22nd (download pdf)

Final open discussion

A report of the workshop will be prepared in the coming months and provided here!