Organisations behind

We are a group of farmers networks and seedsavers associations aiming to support networking between CSB in Europe as well as with initatives worldwide. We want to develop and improve our own CSB activities, and identify ways to support each other in our daily practises as well as with regards to the social and legal environments we live and work in. We want to show that CSB play an important role for sustainable food production in Europe and achieve recognition of these activities.

Want to add your initiative to the CSB map?

The CSB map is aiming to show the diversity of CSB initiatives in Europe, in  order to support networking in between initiatives and also with other groups and organisations. Who can be included in the map?

  • communities (with or without a legal entity) - e.g. farmers´ or gardeners´ networks, civil society organisations
  • collectively managing seeds or other plant material
  • aiming at the conservation, enhancement and providing of crop diversity

If these basic characteristics apply to your community, we would be very happy to add you to the map in order to better connect the “community of community seed banks”

How to add your initiative to the CSB map?

Please send us an email to Please provide informations and an internet link to your initiatives, a personal contact and post address so that we can flag your initative on the map.