Welcome to our website on Community Seed Banks in Europe!

What are Community Seed Banks?

Community seed banks have been founded since the early 1980th in many parts of the world. CSB in Europe are mostly based on seed savers´, gardeners´ and farmers´ networks. They maintain and develop agricultural bio-diversity, enhance access to seeds and plants adapted to local conditions, provide training and sensibilisation activities and thereby contribute to sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty.

Community Seed Banks Academy warmly invites you for applications

CSB Academy is funding training and exchange sessions organized from European seed initiatives.

For further information go on academy's website.

About this website

We are a group of farmers networks and seedsavers associations aiming to support networking between CSB in Europe and beyond. We want to develop and improve our own CSB initiatives, and support each other in our daily practises as well as with regards to the social and legal environments we live and work in. We want to show that CSB play an important role for sustainable food production in Europe and achieve recognition of these activities.

The mapping and starting of this website was carried out in the framework of the Diversifood project and with support of the European Union. We thank all initiatives who participated in the building of the CSB Map!

NEW: Report on Community Seed Banks

The report on Community Seed Banks in Europe is online now: Read here!

In September 2017, two workshop aimed at stimulating an in-depth exchange and discussion on different aspects of Community Seed Banks worldwide – in a dialogue between CSB initiatives from all over the world, partners from the research sector and international institutions and civil society.  

The report comprises presentations and discussions as well as the results of a survey on CSBs in Europe and a SWOT analysis.